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About New Mexico Forest Industry Association
Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the New Mexico Forest Industry Association (NMFIA) was established in 2007 as a non-profit corporation. We are a federally recognized 501(c)(6) organization. NMFIA’s objectives include the following:

1. Promote healthy forests;
2. Promote community based economic development;
3. Promote sound forestry practices for the benefit of our forests and the forest 
     product industry; 
4. Promote and provide public relations for the forest industry and to stimulate 
      interest, use and involvement in the forest products industry;
5. Provide members and others with opportunities for dialog, education, advancement, 
     and improvement in all aspects of the forest industry; 
6. Promote, foster and develop industry standards, research and development, quality 
     control and industry integrity;
7. Articulate and advocate as a focused voice the needs and interests of the forest 
      industry before local, state and federal governments;
8.Operate as an official trade association of the New Mexico forest industry for the 
     purpose of promoting the common business interests of its members.

NMFIA is supported by a combination of revenue streams which include member dues, donations, fee-for-service programs, and grants.

Update: revised versions (PDF) of our Strategic Plan and the Association By-laws.

For questions please contact:

Dierdre Tarr
Executive Assistant
New Mexico Forest Industry Association
(505) 705-0166

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