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Special Announcements

Forest Worker Safety Certification Program  
Monday, January 2, 2017   

The Forest Worker Safety Certification (FWSC) training program was started in 2006 by the Forest Guild with funding from the USDA Forest Service. NMFIA took over administration of the program in July, 2008. Current funding for the program comes from multiple sources including the NM State Legislature, USDA Forest Service, and course tuition.

The program was developed in partnership with the NM Division of Insurance, NM Workers Compensation Administration, New Mexico Mutual, Mountain States Insurance Group, NM State Forestry, NM Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute, Forest Service Region 3, and industry partners. Program oversight is provided by an Advisory Group comprised of representatives from partner organizations.

The program was started as a means to address the high cost of workers compensation insurance for forestry related work in New Mexico. Employers of certified workers are entitled to significantly reduced workers compensation insurance premiums. The program is geared toward working in the woods - mechanically or with chainsaws. Two new state specific class codes, with reduced rates, have been created for certified workers.

First time trainees are required to take a three-day certification course which includes First Aid and CPR for forestry workers. In order to maintain certification and reduced rates, workers must attend a one-day annual re-certification course.

For more information, contact Dierdre Tarr , Executive Assistant, 505.705.0166