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Special Announcements


Wildfire and Water Source Protection Initiative

The New Mexico Forest Industry Association, The Nature Conservancy and many others have been working jointly for the past year to change the current dynamic regarding the pace and scale of forest restoration in New Mexico. In light of the massive wildfires we have experienced in recent years it is obvious that the proper functioning of our watersheds and the water that emanates from those areas is of vital concern to all New Mexicans. However, to accomplish this major forest restoration effort we need long term funding, an industry to undertake the on the ground work and the development of new businesses to utilize the material we remove from the woods to change the destructive fire dynamic.

Please take a look at our presentation, in PDF format, here. 

Contracting: Local Contractor Preference in USFS Contracting  
Thursday, 20 January 2011 09:58  

On October 16, 2009 Ronald Hooper, Director of Acquisition Management for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), issued a letter on the subject “Consideration to Local Contractors in Evaluating Proposals.” Since then, the New Mexico Forest Industry Association (NMFIA) has been working to compile the information necessary to meet the criteria outlined by USFS. This document provides a summary of the information gathered and the inconsistencies between the available data and the required data. On behalf of its members, NMFIA would like to resolve the apparent discrepancies and assist USFS contracting officers in documenting preference for local contractors in certain types of projects.

The full report, in PDF format, is here.